Proposed Pilton bypass

**UPDATE 21/03/2020**

At their meeting on 5th March the Peninsula Transport Board (the statutory body
responsible for schemes of this sort in the south west) decided to remove the Glastonbury and
Pilton bypasses from their current round of road improvement proposals seeking central
government funding. This means that the immediate threat of the schemes going ahead is lifted.
The parish council shall continue to work with other local groups to ensure that the schemes do not re-emerge, at least in either of the damaging formats proposed last year.  The letter from James Heappey MP confirming this update can be found below:

Letter from James Heappey confirming proposed Pilton bypass scheme has been scrapped


Mendip District Council in conjunction with Somerset County Council and the Peninsula Transport Board have put forward proposals for a bypass scheme for Pilton village to the Department for Transport.  The schemes as drawn would have an incalculable negative impact on the village of North Wootton. 

North Wootton Parish Council in conjuction with other parish councils, residents and other interested parties is opposed to the schemes as presented and will work with these parties to ensure that the views of those who are likely to be impacted by any bypass will be heard, considered and taken into account by the decision-making bodies.

On this page, you will find news, documents and related information as it is received.  Further information can be found on the external links highlighted on this page.

Mendip District Council

Peninsula Transport Board

Somerset County Council


MDC Presentation

Letter to Pilton residents from James Heappey MP page1

Letter to Pilton residents from James Heappey MP page 2

Letter to MDC, SCC and Peninsula Transport Board FROM North Wootton Parish Council 26th November

Letter FROM MDC in response to North Wootton Parish Council letter 2nd December

Letter from James Heappey to Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport 11th December 2019

Letter from MDC to Pilton Parish Council December 2019

Briefing Note from SCC on Major Road Network Schemes in Mendip


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